Connecticut Consumer and Commercial Contract Disputes Counsel

Connecticut Consumer and Commercial Contract Disputes Counsel

Attotney Stephanie NickseThis law firm does not claim to have handled it all but it’s certainly handled a lot of legal disputes in Connecticut.  Why? We believe that we offer a well-balanced approach to business and individual legal disputes, litigation, and/or arbitration that appeals to clients.  We also realize that one size fits all is synonymous with nothing fits when it comes to the practice of law.  This may be why we attract clients such as large institutional clients as their outside counsel and we attract people and smaller businesses who may have never hired an attorney before and/or been inside a courtroom.  We love the diversity of our clients and the experience that comes from the legal disputes we’ve handled.


Common Legal Disputes that we handle:

  • Neighbor/neighboring real property disputes
  • Real property restrictive covenant violations
  • Construction and home improvement contractor disputes
  • Mechanic liens
  • Consumer credit disputes
  • Student loan disputes
  • Business-business disputes
  • Business-individual client disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Arbitration and Mediation

While this firm is a litigation law practice, we often refer to the matters we handle as legal disputes.  Why? The generality of the term “disputes” is intended to cover a gamete of matters that  resolve simply by demand letter, at the far end of the litigation path as trial and/or appeal, as well as dispute resolution alternatives such as arbitration and mediation.

S.B. Nickse Law Offices, LLC also handles certain criminal defense cases and certain Department of Children and Family matters.  Please call and inquire further if you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges or a DCF Investigation, Appeal or Neglect Petition.

Call for a Consultation

If you’re considering whether you want or need to hire an attorney, please call and schedule a consultation.  Before making such an important decision like you think you’ll handle the matter yourself, or you cannot justify the anticipated legal fees and costs, consider scheduling a consultation if nothing more.  A consultation is only one (1) hour long but clients have repeatedly shared with us how invaluable our consultation was to them.

Attorney Nickse does not and cannot take every case.  In these situations, and whenever possible, we endeavor to gather certain information about your matter and may gladly recommend another attorney or law firm.