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Landlord-Tenant Law Practice

While renting can be a wonderful thing for all parties – giving tenants a place to live and providing a sound investment for landlords – renting may also go wrong.

How can an attorney help you or your business in a landlord-tenant dispute? Do all disputes result in litigation? What alteratives to litigation may you consider?

No matter what side of the landlord-tenant dispute you are on, you may benefit from hiring an attorney and letting us answer your quiestions. Don’t wait any longer to contact S.B. Nickse Law Offices LLC, ask questions and get answers, learn how we may help you achieve your goal, and resolve the situation you are faced with.

Evictions and Related Disputes

By and far, it has been our experience that all landlords want a nonpaying tenant out of their property as soon as possible and tenant’s payment to cover the missed payment and additional costs landlord has incurred as a result.  But landlords also experience other issues with tenants as well and look for our guidance to resolve these short of litigation, by bringing an action to court, or even by arbitration of your disputes.  At a consultation, Attorney Nickse will spend time reviewing everything from the lease, to the details of the dispute, to the communications prior to consultation, the potential alternatives and resolution and of course, the client’s goals. Clients in the business of being landlords often hire us on an ongoing basis although information like that gathered at a consultation is always exchanged.

This law firm also represents tenants.  We find that tenants issues vary widely:  Tenant has received a Kapa Notice or a Notice to Quit, now what? Tenant has complained to her landlord but her landlord has not responded or resolved the issue, now what? Neighboring tenant is really disruptive to tenant and her family, now what? Tenant needs out of her rental because her companion in the rental is causing her harm, now what? Where is my security deposit?

Commercial and residential landlord tenant law varies in Connecticut.  Commercial leases are less regulated by statute than residential leases. Whether you’re scheduling a consult to discuss a residential or commercial lease, bring the lease agreement with you, and bring correspondence with the other party with you.  Know your goals.

Landlord tenant law in Connecticut is regularly changing as new cases are decided and as statutes are amended or newly drafted.  Nonetheless, there are great resources for people on the web.  Check out our Resources tab to see a few.

Litigating Landlord-Tenant Matters in Danbury and all of Fairfield County

Connecticut case law and statutes give both landlords and tenants legal rights and boundaries.  These laws are in place to help ensure that when a landlord leases property to a tenant, neither gets taken advantage of – not while first signing the contract, not while the tenant occupies the property, and not after the tenant has left.

The complexities of lease agreements, changing laws and the many considerations related to any dispute may make it difficult for you to best represent yourself or your business. S.B. Nickse Law Offices, LLC welcomes this opportunity.

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If you need help with any of these issues in the Danbury area, Attorney Stephanie Nickse is the experienced and committed counsel you need.

S.B. Nickse Law Offices, LLC, serves Ridgefield, Redding, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Danbury, Bethel, Newtown, New Milford, Weston, Westport, Fairfield, Southport, Bridgeport, Norwalk, New Cannan, Darien, Stamford, Greenwhich, and other Connecticut towns and cities.

Whether you prefer phone or electronic communication, Attorney Nickse endeavors to respond to your communication the same day whenever possible.

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  • "Ms. Nickse did a fabulous job for us! She was very professional, attentive and carefully considered all that we shared before expertly guiding us in a difficult and emotion-filled foreclosure process. She was thoughtful and sensitive throughout and fought for us. Ms. Nickse was thorough and very responsive. We always felt as if we were…" - - Paul *****

  • "We retained Stephanie for a foreclosure matter in CT. Stephanie offers sound advice and is a great communicator! My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend SB Nickse Law Offices." - - Phil *****

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