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Foreclosure Law in Connecticut

S.B. Nickse Law Offices, LLC, represents clients facing foreclosure.

At a consultation, expect to do your share of talking.  Here are some sample questions you should expect:  Is the loan on the subject property in default? When did the default occur and why? Whose name is on the note and mortgage? Did you get a letter from your lender or servicer for lender regarding acceleration of the debt? Is this subject property your primary home? Do you own any other property? What other liens are on the subject property? Is a foreclosure action already pending? What are your current financial circumstances?  Attorney Nickse will have many questions for you along this line of questioning. And if you are one to keep records, copies of your note and mortgage, notice of any transfers of the loan, and notice of default and acceleration are welcomed documentation at your consult.

In addition to gathering details about your situation, the firm will very much want to know your goals. Most people have a goal in mind well before their consultation.  For example, you want to save your home from foreclosure and are looking for a loan modification.  For example, you want help on your best exist strategy.  No two situations are alike so while this law firm has obtained numerous loan modifications for clients and obtained other desired results for clients, the specifics of your situation are important to us and will generally guide our representation of you.

At a consultation, you should also hear words/topics from us like mediation, defense, judgment, strict foreclosure, foreclosure by sale, appeal and bankruptcy.  If you feel you’ve experienced an issue with your servicer or lender, we will want to hear more about this to see whether it may impact how the firm handles your case.

Foreclosure law in Connecticut is regularly changing as new cases are decided and as statutes are amended or newly enacted.  Nonetheless, there are great resources for people on the web.  Check out our Resources tab to see a few.

What Our Clients Say
  • "Ms. Nickse did a fabulous job for us! She was very professional, attentive and carefully considered all that we shared before expertly guiding us in a difficult and emotion-filled foreclosure process. She was thoughtful and sensitive throughout and fought for us. Ms. Nickse was thorough and very responsive. We always felt as if we were…" - - Paul *****

  • "We retained Stephanie for a foreclosure matter in CT. Stephanie offers sound advice and is a great communicator! My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend SB Nickse Law Offices." - - Phil *****

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