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Real Estate Litigation

S.B. Nickse Law Offices has a long history of representing parties to disputes affecting real property. Stephanie Nickse provides meaningful advice and representation to clients on a variety of real estate disputes, including quiet title, easements, private and public nuisance, blight, eviction, trespass, negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation, and illegal tree cutting actions, as well as lease disputes and mortgage foreclosures. Attorney Nickse represents property owners, contractors, secured lenders, landlords and tenants in these matters.

Examples of representation:

  1. Represented the interests of sellers and buyers on real estate contracts on closing disputes that arise.
  2. Represented property owner against bank based on illegal lock out and related claims.
  3. Prosecuted and defended actions to undo transactions on grounds of fraud, misrepresentation or mistake.
  4. Prosecuted and defended foreclosures and other collection proceedings involving debts secured by interests in real property.
  5. Prosecuted and defended actions for damage to real property.
  6. Litigated claims for breach of contract for services rendered in connection with real estate
  7. Represented landlords and tenants in evictions and lease disputes.
  8. Handled actions for partition and sale of real property.
  9. Represented contractors (builders, architects, construction subs) in property owner disputes, mechanic liens, and disputes between themselves.
  10. Litigated land use matters
  11. Represented property owners in connection adverse possession, prescriptive easements, easements by implication, and quite title.
  12. Represented condominium homeowner associations and condominium owners in disputes with condominium associations and condominium associations in disputes with developers and contractors under the Common Interest Ownership Act and at common law and condominium owners in disputes with condominium associations.
What Our Clients Say
  • "Ms. Nickse did a fabulous job for us! She was very professional, attentive and carefully considered all that we shared before expertly guiding us in a difficult and emotion-filled foreclosure process. She was thoughtful and sensitive throughout and fought for us. Ms. Nickse was thorough and very responsive. We always felt as if we were…" - - Paul *****

  • "We retained Stephanie for a foreclosure matter in CT. Stephanie offers sound advice and is a great communicator! My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend SB Nickse Law Offices." - - Phil *****

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